SILENT | HTML5 + CSS3 theme

the Sound of Silence

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SILENT | the blog theme

SILENT is a responsive HTML5 + CSS3 design theme, with 9 post formats. There are 17 pages in the demo which fits all your needs for a decent smooth, peaceful, sober blog!

This theme is design by dreamwork.


SILENT theme Features

  1. HTML5 + CSS3
  2. Fully Responsive design
  3. Imageless
  4. 9 post formats which show different entry styles
  5. 18 different pages
  6. A simple style Image slider with caption
  7. Beautiful & regular comment system layout
  8. Special Archives page that lists all the posts
  9. Offline page, 404 page
  10. 14 social link icon
  11. Font awesome 3.2.1
  12. Retina ready
  13. Ready for Wordpress theme
  14. Test in Chrome, Firefox, IE8~10, Safari, Opera
  15. Much more..

 css | all the used css file

 font | the font awesone v3.2.1 icons

 img | the sample images

 js | the javascript files

 psd | the psd file(only a logo since SILENT theme is an imageless design)

 404.html --------- the 404 page design, or for 403, 500 some pages.

 about.html --------- about page design

 achives.html --------- achives page design, or for the tags, categories pages.

 contact.html --------- contact page design, ready for use

 index.html --------- the all post format in one page, you may like to see how the site looks like

 offline.html --------- the offline page design

 post-aside.html --------- the aside page format design

 post-audio.html --------- the audio page format design

 post-gallery.html --------- the gallery page format design

 post-image.html --------- the image page format design

 post-link.html --------- the link page format design

 post-quote.html --------- the quote page format design

 post-standard.html --------- the standard page format design

 post-standard-withoutfi.html --------- the standard page format without the featured image design

 post-status.html --------- the status page format design

 post-video.html --------- the video page format design

 single-post.html --------- the single post page preview

 style.css --------- the main css file, use for all the pages

 typography.html --------- the typography display page


The SILENT theme is designed for wordpress, there are 9 post formats. Some of the style are design in the same frame such as quote, link and status, but they are not all the same.

Most of the formats are design in css, you can just copy and paste it in your page.

The video format is a responsive design frame which use the fit-vids- code. It support to most of online video, there is a official list:

  1. YouTube
  2. Vimeo
  4. Viddler
  5. Kickstarter

Some unlisted online service may be supported as well, such as

The use of fit-vids- in SILENT theme is the newest version of v1.03
The fit vids in the github

The comment list is a very conscientious and careful design, also works perfect in mobile screens and compatible with all major browsers.

This is important part in my later update, any of issue or suggestion will be nice to hear from you.

It is ready and can be easily intergrade to wordpress comment system.

There are 3 widgets design in the bottom of the page which are widget-left, widget-middle, widget-right and work well in any mobile screens.

The fonts in SILENT theme are all google font, if you like to change it, you should go to the google font site.

Note: To change the fonts, you may need to edit the style.css, layout.css files. It is recommented not to change the font if you really like the SILENT theme(the chosen fonts are part of design).

All the icons in the SILENT theme comes from font awesome, the best solution of icon solution some way, there are 361 icons in the font awesome v3.2.1. If you like to use other icon, you may like to see all the icon list here, and their codes.

SILENT theme works well in the major browers, I have tested in IE8~10, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. And in iPad, iPhone, android phones by using safari, chrome, opera classic browsers.

The color effect of images may not work in a none -webkit- engine browers.

There is only logo files in the package, you may like to use it.

Slider |

All the images use in this item

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